On Page SEO and Hosting 101 - Why Interlinking on a fast website Is Such A Powerful SEO Strategy

There are two types of strategies that you can use that you are trying to boost your website to the top of the search engine listings. The first is off page optimization which is link building. The second is on page optimization. The second group of strategies is what you will do on your website to make it more palatable to the search engine algorithms. By using these strategies, you can rank some of your pages on the first page of the search engine listings even if you do not have quality backlinks. Let's look at an overview of how SEO Works, and then show you why interlinking can help you get top positions very quickly.

On Page SEO 101 Overview

On page, Search Engine Optimization represents all of the strategies that must be implemented by the website owner to get their website to rank. Five of the strategies that are most commonly used include adding videos, images, adding unique content, adding outbound links and interlinking related pages. The more unique your content is on your website, the higher the probability it is that you will get top rankings. If you can provide images and videos, this can also help. Outbound links are necessary as it will provide a better experience for your visitors that can access this additional pertinent information that you are discussing on your website. However, it is interlinking related pages within your website that can get you to top positions fast.

What Is Interlinking?

Interlinking your pages on your website is simply adding links that are connecting pages and posts on your website that are similar in content. They will be targeting similar keywords, discussing similar information, and they will likely be in the same categories. This can be done manually, or if you are using a WordPress blog, you can use a plug-in that can do this for you automatically. It will simply look at the tags or keywords that are used on each page, and interconnect those that have similar ones. So why is this beneficial for ranking on the search engines? It is helpful for two reasons. First of all, it makes it easier for the search engine spiders to index your content, and it also makes your website easier to rank because of how relevant interlinking makes your website. From the perspective of a visitor, they will be able to find similar content by following the links which make their experience better. The search engine algorithms will take that into account and reward website owners that do this with higher rankings in the search listings.

If you have never done this before, or if you are not using a WordPress blog, you may want to work with a search engine optimization specialist. They will have a team of people that can do this for you, allowing you to get top positions by implementing any and all of the strategies. You will soon have top listings which will help you generate targeted visitors which can lead to sales. It is one of the best on page SEO techniques that should be implemented on every website that you own.

Website Speed and Uptime

The speed of your website is important up to a point. You don't want a slow site, but you also don't need it to be super fast most of the time. So, when buying hosting, we recommend finding a host that costs about $5-$15 per month. Any more than that and you're probably wasting your money. Any less, and you might be looking at having hosting speed and/or uptime issues.